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Author Topic: Royal Highland Show 24th to 27th June 2010  (Read 12358 times)


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Re: Royal Highland Show 24th to 27th June 2010
« Reply #45 on: June 27, 2010, 08:56:52 pm »
I think his name was Marcus or Magnus.  We spent the whole of Wednesday afternoon at their beehives.

Magnus Pettersen. Wonderful man, hugely knowledgeable about bees and very encouraging and helpful to beginners. As are most in Dunblane and Stirling Beekeepers.


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Re: Royal Highland Show 24th to 27th June 2010
« Reply #46 on: June 27, 2010, 10:09:26 pm »
I didn't even get as far as the clock all day, spent all morning at the goats and then afternoon at the shetland sheep end of things. Never managed the beekeeping tent or any of the more spending orientated areas, and as the kids went to school (unlike half of Edinburgh kids!) I had a really great day (and not too expensive either!)

Although I have to say, far TOOOOO many people there....


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Re: Royal Highland Show 24th to 27th June 2010
« Reply #47 on: June 27, 2010, 11:27:41 pm »
I was heading for the gundog demo by that time, having seen the horse parade all trot back to their beautiful stables, and had a quick look round the sheep for my friend, Flick,  and her wee fella Lawrence (Larry the lamb to you  ;) ), then a quick chat with Beth, Ally and Fiona, before racing up the hill and round the corner to the lake to catch the Labradors just coming into the ring.  Great stuff - think I'll change my breed!  10 Labs would be easier to train than my two Brittany boys. ;) ;D ;D
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Re: Royal Highland Show 24th to 27th June 2010
« Reply #48 on: June 28, 2010, 05:02:16 pm »
I didn't make it up to the meet and greet point either. Our kid judging is technically supposed to start at 2:15pm, but sometimes they just tack it onto the end of the adult judging. However, on Friday we broke for lunch at 12:30 and they decided to start judging again at 2pm, so I couldn't make it.

Did have a good show, saw Annie and Anke both on Friday. Found time to watch the falconry display, the Quack Commandos, and the final judging of the Heavy horse turnouts. Actually didn't spend a lot of money as it happened- never found time to go shopping! Oh except we did order a new sign for our house that cost 135, with two goats on it, but the other half paid for that, so it still feels like I didn't spend a lot of money. We did buy some "Lantana" wine as we have a goat called Lantana. I wanted to go and get another trough from Paxtons, and I never got as far as their stand.



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