Middle White

A smallish pig with a white coat, prick ears and a distinctive short snout that makes it look like a vampire bat. So ugly, it’s beautiful.

Middle White PigletsMiddle White Piglets. Photo: petealyward

Middle White SowMiddle White Sow. Photo: Dave Hamster

We'll be keeping Middle Whites for the first time in 2012, having fallen in love with them at the RWAS Smallholder Show!

Championed by celebrity chef, Antony Worrall Thompson, the Middle White is a specialist pork pig producing small joints of high quality meat.

Rosemary Champion

About Rosemary Champion

Rosemary lives on a 12 acre smallholding in Angus, in the east of Scotland, where she keeps Ryeland Sheep, Shetland cattle and assorted poultry. She was destined to be a smallholder from an early age.

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