Smallholding Courses

We run various courses throughout the year at TAS HQ in the east of Scotland, including poultry keeping, sheep keeping, and an introduction to smallholding. 2019 bookings now being taken.

Smallholding Courses


Introduction to Poultry Keeping

We once read somewhere that poultry is usually the first "livestock" enterprise that budding smallholders are likely to undertake. In this guide we'll take you through everything you need to know about keeping hens.

An introduction to pig keeping


Mushroom Soup

A wonderful mushroom soup, lifted by the classic combination of garlic and parsley. It can be made with variety of any mushroom, or even a mixture, but is best with a dark-gilled mushroom or chestnut mushrooms.

Mushroom Soup with Parsley & Garlic

Moving pictures

Chicks at 4 weeks

Chicks at 4 weeks

Nearly 4 weeks old, they now spend all day outdoors, and will be out day and night in a couple of weeks.

From the Diary

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Latest recipes

  • Coconut Cookies

    Coconut Cookies

    Delicious coconutty cookies, can be slightly undercooked to be chewy or over to be crunchy.

  • Oat and mincemeat cookies

    Oat and mincemeat cookies

    We always make mincemeat before Christmas, when we're making puddings and cakes, and usually enough…

  • Tomato Soup

    Tomato Soup

    This soup is quick and easy to make and rich and tasty, despite using tinned tomatoes. You'll never…

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