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Author Topic: Caravan upgraded to a Double Unit NOW COUNCIL SAYS PULL IT DOWN  (Read 12517 times)

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Re: Caravan upgraded to a Double Unit NOW COUNCIL SAYS PULL IT DOWN
« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2011, 10:33:46 am »
Latest update is that we have been told no and that they will not give permission for the double unit and some very strange things going on within the local council...
The parish council have backed it, some local councillors have backed it but one person within the planning really doesn't want this to go through and to the point were details have been removed and peoples letters of support have either been refused or lost.
The best one was when they put an on-line form about the planning and said to us that people could put their comments on that.
To be told the following day that the account had been removed and was never reinstated or found again..
The only people who where able to put feedback were the people who opposed.
The comments were that they had tried to resolve all issues but without any help from us and the fact were that they only pointed out problems and were never able to explain how we could resolve or even the details of what they were complaining about....Bloody joke..

Anyway, now we've ended up having to apply for planning twice, without ever being told the issues to be resolved and then wanting us to reapply but still without any direction.
The outcome,
Mums partner has died at the age of 62, we have now got a bad credit rating through trying to sort out the problems, pay the council and missing a payment for other bills.
Looks like were going to have to pull down and start ramping up the small holding and getting it back up to full speed.

Also, due to us loosing are credit rating we have offered an investment opportunity through ebay for all interested and will post a copy on here.......

Business Opportunity and all secured
£15,000 in and £20,000 back in 6months, secured

We are a fully owned small holding worth over £300,000, as of Jan 2011, in North East Lincolnshire.
We are looking at additional finance of £15,000 which will be paid back in full in 6 months with an additional £5000.
We are unable to get bank loan due to the fact that the property is fully owned and no credit cards ever used.
The sheds were rented out to a friends company which was later burgled and then went bust but left a large electricity, credit card, merchants etc etc bills. We had to pay water, rates and elecy but 1month late and effected our credit rating.
The investment will be secured against equity of twice your investment and is negotiable.

Yes, we have been offered the money from finance companies but after paying an admin fee to one, found that a majority of these are either scammers or looking at stupid amounts of interest and with early payment fees.

The reason we are looking for this investment is to develop glass houses(already purchased), build some stables for a livery and gun dog training kennels (this is already running) and plans are available.
The way we can guarantee this is that we first of all give you security through a choice of euity options (at twice your investment) and secondly through own funds being released in 90 days.

The first payment will be made in 90days and will be for half the investment, £7,500
The remainder at £4,000 pm over 2months with £4500 on the last day, as well as an invitation to one hell of an opening party and or to be part of another development project in July/August.

The be all and end all of this is the fact that with an investment of only £15,000 you will make £833pm, every month, over the 6month period.
This is a lot of money but nothing compared to how much the finance companies are trying to rip people off and all down to a one late payment for elecy.

I hope this is of interest and if you would like further information and to discuss further, please feel free to contact us via email or phone 08000 11 30 70

Quick update....
A number of people have asked about making smaller contributions....
This is not a problem as the total amount I need to get is the £15,000 and that does not matter if it is 1 person or 10.

Fruit of gods

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Re: Caravan upgraded to a Double Unit NOW COUNCIL SAYS PULL IT DOWN
« Reply #31 on: February 12, 2011, 11:24:34 am »
oh and by the way, the ebay link, for anybody who may be interested is:-


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Re: Caravan upgraded to a Double Unit NOW COUNCIL SAYS PULL IT DOWN
« Reply #32 on: February 13, 2011, 05:59:21 pm »
Contact Laurence Gould Associates ( they know their stuff in this area
Good luck!
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