Sheep Scab

Sheep Scab is a notifiable disease caused by the psoroptic mange mite. It is extremely contagious and can be caught from neighbouring flocks.

Biosecurity is important here as contractors such as shearers or scanners may introduce the mite to your flock if they are not careful in cleaning equipment.

The fleece of affected sheep will fall off leaving sore and ulcerated skin underneath. Scab can be controlled by dipping or by injection.

A programme of scab eradication has reduced its incidence. Your vet will advise on whether it is a potential problem for your flock.

Rosemary Champion

About Rosemary Champion

Rosemary lives on a 12 acre smallholding in Angus, in the east of Scotland, where she keeps Ryeland Sheep, Shetland cattle and assorted poultry. She was destined to be a smallholder from an early age.

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