Beautiful Sheep: Portraits of Champion Breeds by Kathryn Dun

Beautiful Sheep: Portraits of Champion Breeds by Kathryn Dun

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For those in the know, sheep are the stars of every annual agricultural show, however large or small, as they parade their polished hooves and oiled horns. Swathed in fleeces expertly trimmed and coiffured to accentuate their finer points, Beautiful Sheep is a testament that skillful shepherds can create unique and living works of art.

This beautiful collection of portraits shows sheep as you have never seen them before – polished, preened and styled to perfection prior to competition. The elegance and quirkiness of these adorable champion breeds is captured perfectly in the stunning studio photography by leading fashion photographer, Paul Farnham. Vet Kathryn Dun, Honorary Secretary for the Sheep Veterinary Society, has provided the informative text.

There are many breeds of sheep, that for centuries provided income from their wool, their heritage proven with today's versions still able to produce long heavy fleeces. Likewise, those sheep used primarily for their meat were bred and developed to graze the harsh upland and hill territories well-suited for British climates.

All of these breeds are showcased, as never before, in the pages of Beautiful Sheep. No longer will the gentle ovine be reduced to catch phrases about "the black sheep of the family" or "the wolf in the sheep's clothing"—but now can be appreciated and admired as stunning creatures.

A beautiful pictorial of sheep—arranged by breed, with geographical and historical information to complement the images—immaculately presented as stars of the catwalk, the best of the show. The result is an unusual and totally charming book.

About the author

Kathryn Dun is Honorary Secretary for the Sheep Veterinary Society. She qualified as a veterinarian at the Dick Vet School, Edinburgh University, in 1992. She returned to the school in 1994 and works there as a farm veterinarian in the farm animal teaching practice.

While on duty there in 1997, she assisted with the delivery of Dolly, the famous cloned sheep. Kathryn helps show her family's North Country Cheviots and Scotch Mules at numerous events, including the Royal Highland Show.

Book details

112 pages
Frances Lincoln
Publication date
July 2008

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