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Author Topic: How long does a hen need to be broody for before day old chicks? How many chicks  (Read 4631 times)


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Ah thanks. All going well so far :fc: :fc: .  Will post pic as soon as she's out - I'd love to know what she is (champion in my eyes only) she's the decendant of the original we inherited with this place (so we know there is some light Sussex in the mix via the last cockerel. This years cockerel was a cream legbar.... So chicks will be a right mosh mosh..... But be great to ID the look of her in case I want to buy some more in.
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we have had hens trying to steal newly hatched chicks, even though they werent broody before hand.


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We had a single hatchling out of the incubator last year, and managed to sneak him under a hen who'd been broody for all of eight hours.  Is that a record?  ;D
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8 hours! Yes that's the record, unless anyone else can do better! I was told they should be left at least a week, but have done a few batches now with hens within 2-3 days and all adoptions have gone fine.


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