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Posted: Saturday 3 April, 2010

by Rosemary at 9:30pm in Equines Comments closed

My Highland pony, Smokey, has a tendency to put weight on - he's cheap to run and lives on fresh air. Two or three years ago, he had a (thankfully) mild bout of laminitis in February. At the ime he was out 24/7, but some of the other owners wanted hay in the field, so Smokey was spending a good part of the day feeding his face. After this, he was put on restricted grazing and brought in at night, so that I could control his feed intake a bit better.

It's been quite difficult - for both of us but in different ways, obviously. At his heaviest, he weighed almost 600kg on the weight tape. He's 15.1hh. Today, I put his harness on and the saddle kept slipping round, even though it was in the tightest holes. I got out the weight tape - 498kg! Now, I know the tape isn't 100% accurate but it does give a comparison. I couldn't believe it - I knew he was thinner as he now has "pointy bits" - but I was staggered at ho much he has lost. He was 470kg when I bought him as a 5 year old. I think he looks loads better and once his winter coat has fallen out, he should be quite sleek!

The secret of our success? A spring balance! He now gets 5kg hay overnight and 2kg in the morning along with 1kg of chaff with his garlic and a vitamin / mineral balancer. And I do weight his hay, or the amount creeps up.

I wish I could be as strict with myself.

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