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Posted: Tuesday 18 October, 2011

by Rosemary at 6:51pm in Grassland management Comments closed

I've been strimming this afternoon. It's been lovely here - sunny and dry, but very windy. Dan and John were finishing the fence between Ditch Field and the Bothy's garden so I got the harness on, the yellow helmet with ear defenders and visor and fired up the strimmer.

I was aiming to cut down the soft rushes in Top Field. They are quite bad this year - we didn't spray last year but we did this summer and we've had a new field drain put in, so hopefully we'll get on top of them in the next couple of years. What really prompted me though was that I took the train to Perth last weekend to meet a chum and, as the railway runs along the bottom of our holding, I saw the field from the railway. It looked awful surprise. So today's task was mainly vanity, but I hope it will knock them back a bit for next year.

I spent about an hour and a half strimming and did a bit more than half the field, which is about 21/2 acres. It looks SO much better. Tomorrow, since it's a good forecast, I'll do the rest, the few clumps in Ditch Field and the ones I missed. Then I'll get the train to Dundee and see if it looks any betterlaugh.

Now I'm going for a bath - even with the harness, the strimmer's pretty heavy.

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