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Posted: Sunday 17 September, 2006

by Rosemary at 8:12pm in Recipes 1 comment Add your own

Sometimes the simple things are best.

Today, we couldn't decide what to have for lunch. It certainly wasn't going to be sausages (for reasons Dan will explain in due course). Since the eggs are piling up in the fridge, I suggested "soft boiled eggs and soldiers". Although we eat eggs a lot, usually we have them scrambled, poached, omelettes etc. and I just fancied a nice soft boiled egg. Or two.

They were delicious - laid yesterday, huge and brown, with creamy yolks, a wee spinkle of salt and black pepper. Dan cooked them to perfection, and we had them with buttered toast soldiers and a glass of whole milk. Absolutely scrumptious. It was like a "Famous Five" lunch!!

We've started buying whole milk in preference to semi-skimmed. Against our whole diet, the difference in calories is minimal and we like it much, much better, especially in porridge, on cereal, in a glass. In fact, just about any way. Hey ho, we all die of something and I don't think semi-skimmed is going to save me. Anyway, I worked off the calories in the garden this afternoon, weeding the vegetable beds, while Dan watched the Chelsea game.



Sunday 17 September, 2006 at 9:24pm

Our eggs are always piling up in our fridge. Good news is my wife sells them at her work and the chickens pay for themselves. It's funny you chose whole milk, coz I actually prefer skimmed milk over the creamy stuff; I find it more refreshing.

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