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Posted: Monday 28 December, 2020

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Monday 21st December

It’s the Solstice. The shortest day. The turn of the year. We’re on our way to Spring!

First week of poultry lockdown done. The girls seem to be bearing up fine; production has dropped a wee bit, but that’s partly the time of year, of course.

Tuesday 22nd December

Dougie the Plasterer came today to plaster the feed store. Progress.

Put hay in for the steers at East Pitkerro – first bale lasted ten days,

We feasted on our delicious South Powrie Farm turkey today, to celebrate the Solstice. We’ll be eating it for a few more days as well.

Wednesday 23rd December

Sun shining; took the dogs to Lunan Bay for a run. Bit bracing but very enjoyable.

Dougie the Plasterer finished today. It’s looking braw! We can paint it in a few days; then the floor, then the sink and then the electrics. Nearly there.

storeFeed store plastered.

Thursday 24th December

Cold, frosty and sunny. Happy to have a bit more of this weather. Not much to write in the diary, since we’re not doing very much.

Watched “Paddington” and “Paddington 2”.

Friday 25th December

A nice uneventful Christmas Day - just the way we like it.

Dan gave me a denim jacket - something I’ve wanted for ages. He said it came with a condition – that I never wear it with jeans. He described it as “going full Shakey”. Those of a certain age will understand.

Saturday 26th December

Woke up this morning to find the ewes in the front garden. That in itself wasn’t a huge problem – our front garden is pretty wild – but one was eating rhododendron. Given the choice of all the other greenery, and she’s eating the poisonous stuff.  A BFL, of course. Fingers crossed that she’s OK.

And Blizzard is coming into season; I thought she would soon, the calf is almost exactly two months old. So all the cattle were put out – great excitement until they realised there was no grass – then Annie and Rosie brought back in. The rubber mats can be slippery when wet and I was worried that if she slipped being served, she might do herself an injury, perhaps serious. So the happy couple and the calf are out until the deed is done – just a pity that the weather’s going to be rubbish for the next 24 hours. Hope it doesn’t dampen their ardour.

cattleAurora playing gooseberry.

Change of plan come evening; they all came in to be fed but I left the gates open. The weather hasn’t been anything like as bad as forecast – very windy, but very little rain.

Sunday 27th December

Glorious day – dry, sunny, light breeze.  Cattle all in the field first thing, but came in as soon as we were up and about. Blizzard isn’t standing yet, but he’s keeping a careful eye on her. All in tonight but the gates are open.

I can’t eat any more cake – and we have one and a half left.


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