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Posted: Thursday 24 December, 2020

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Monday 14th December

No idea what happened today. Oh, hens all shut in – except we had some escapees so Dan had to do some alterations in the dark. Seeing folk on social media stressing and complaining about having to house birds – and we were no better – but we poultry keepers KNEW this would happen and we should have had a plan in place.  The polytunnel here is great; the caravan set up isn’t but we’ll have it sorted as soon as the ground dries out – and it will be permanent.

To be honest, if we keep on with hens, I might bring them in every winter, bird flu or no.

Tuesday 15th December

Or today. Really, no idea. Might have involved baking.

panelFront panel in place.

Oh, and Ave got a new headcollar to matche her lead rope.

aveNeon pink.

Wednesday 16th December

Yep, can remember 48 hours back.

Vet came to insert Smokey’s microchip – it was a big needle but he was very brave. She also took a blood sample from Aurora for her BVD test. Aurora wasn’t brave, but we jammed her behind a gate. Afton won’t be going north until January.

The feed store is progressing well but Dougie the Plasterer now isn’t coming until next Tuesday, so we won’t have it painted out before Christmas.  Graham’s not here tomorrow but back Friday.

feedstoreFeed store progress.

feedstoreFeed store.

Thursday 17th December

Marzipanned the big Christmas cake and the eleven wee ones; made more gingerbread biscuits.

Tom’s three year Gotcha Day, bless him. He’s an odd cat but we love him anyway – or maybe we love him because he’s odd.

Friday 18th December

OK, this is always bad – it’s Friday and I haven’t written any diary entries this week. It’ll be brief.

Checked the steers and Aurora – all fine but will need hay this weekend. Need to try and get my head round hay pickups over the festive period.

Graham’s doing a grand job. It’s three weeks tomorrow since the floor went down so we can paint it on Boxing Day. Ha! Hopefully in for the new year.

Dan finished the hat he's been knitting. It's being blocked on a watermelon

hatHat on a watermelon.

Penfold’s eight year Gotcha Day today – obviously Christmas is a good time to ask Dan for a cat.

Saturday 19th December

It’s been changeable today, weather wise, showers, intermittent sunshine, but generally still and mild – 7C on the car this morning. Did a double run for hay – two bales for here and two for EP tomorrow.

Dan spent much of the day settling up his tool store – it looks great. Very organised. I put a first coat of wood preservative on the feed store panel. Hopefully get another one on tomorrow.

paintedFront panel painted.

Not good news on the Covid front. I expected a lockdown after Christmas but maybe not starting on Boxing Day, as it is. First our break of Avian flu in chooks on Orkney; growing reports of dead wild birds. Lockdown, Avian Flu and Brexit. Happy days.

Sunday 20th December

Showers, but mainly dry and sunny. Took hay to EP but they didn’t need it, so left the trailer there for Tuesday and drove to South Powrie Farm to collect our turkey. It’s a beauty – free range, killed and dressed on farm. Braw.

This afternoon was the time of festive cleaning – still done now, so can relax. A bit.


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