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Posted: Wednesday 18 October, 2006

by Rosemary at 10:46pm in Equines 2 comments Add your own

Well, Smokey got to try on his new harness tonight.

First, he had to have a wash because he was absolutely filthy and I didn't want the harness to get mucky in case it had to go back. I didn't shampoo him, just rinsed him off.

He was very patient while I worked out which bit went where and attached to which other bit. I think the front parts - the breast collar and saddle are fine but the back bit - the crupper and breeching seem a bit big, although the breeching might be better when it has shafts in it. I didn't use the new bridle with the blinkers because I'd like him to be comfortable with the basics without blinkers.

Once I got him harnessed, I played some games with him so I knew he was physically and emotionally comfortable in the harness. A friend who keeps a horse at the yard helped me to attach a rope to a tyre, then attach the rope through the traces. This meant that Smokey could pull the tyre, but if he got upset we could let him move far enough away from the tyre until he was comfortable.

We set off round the arena - no problem. John then put his weight on the tyre so that Smokey had to put a bit more effort into pulling. Smokey seemed a bit puzzled at first but he did this beautifully, leaning into the collar.

We then set off up the road, dragging the tyre. This went fine until a horse in a field adjoining the road freaked at the tyre - Smokey then freaked a bit at the horse, but no harm was done and we went quietly up the road again then turned for home.

I am very happy with how he went tonight. We'll do more of this over the next few weeks, changing the load to give him more experience, and going further. Someone suggested that I get roller blades, but I think I'll pass on that.

If we're VERY good, Santa might find a wee exercise cart in the back of his shed for us!!

If I can get some photos at the weekend, you'll be able to see him "at work".



Thursday 19 October, 2006 at 6:01pm

sounds like Smokey is doing fine with his driving progress. love the show pictures.


Thursday 19 October, 2006 at 8:55pm

We'll see how he goes on Saturday. He'll probably show me up something awful, the way horses can do!!

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