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Posted: Tuesday 24 September, 2019

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Monday 16th September

Cool start, but sunny later in the day. A lovely autumn day. Our big cockerel, Nugget, attacked me this morning – drew blood and ripped my jammies (I was planning to do the hens than take a cup of tea back to Dan in bed, now it’s getting darker in the mornings). Usually he waits until I’m out the gate and attacks the gate, but either his or my timing was off this morning. It’s really sore. His coat is on a very shoogly peg.

Looks like Leo will be swapping with Euro. I’m a bit sad but it’s for the best all round.

Baked gingerbread for tomorrow.

Tuesday 17th September

Phew, early start with the baking – lemon drizzle, Victoria sponges, sultana scones plus banana loaf and gingerbread. Should be plenty.

Only eleven for the walkers’ group, so plenty spare for our friends and neighbours and the guys cutting the hedge on the road. I’d forgotten that the pavement was that wide – dog walkers and others will be happy.

Dan's hazel tree, a gift from his folks a few years ago, is cropping. Homegrown nuts for Christmas!

hazelsHomegrown hazels.

Watched more Downton Abbey – almost ready for Thursday!

Wednesday 18th September

Caught up with a few wee jobs – scythed the nettled in the now vacant pig pen, sowed grass seed round the barn (the pig pen needs to be done, but at a time when the hens aren’t watching).

I cut some lovely dahlias, rudbeckia and cosmos – just loving these flowers. The only downside of the dahlias is the earwigs. Someone told me that are amazing mothers, so I am loathe to kill them. We also have some beautiful pink dahlias, here with the last of the pink Achillea, double white Cosmos and one purple cornflower.


Had an unplanned late night watching the last two episodes of Series 6 of Downton Abbey, then discovered that there was a Christmas special to watch too. And before I went to bed, I had more earwig rescues to carry out. Having been told by my Gran that these insects went into your ears and ate your brain, it took quite a lot of reprogramming to allow me to pick them up and put them in the garden.

Thursday 19th September

Cleaned out two hen houses this morning, then off for lunch and “Downton Abbey” Loved it – lots of tissues required.

The spring cropping brassicas were delivered.

Friday 20th September

Cleaned out the third henhouse, sowed grass seed in the pig pen and emptied the kitchen freezer before breakfast. Good start but then I lost £30 – must have dropped out my pocket when I went for straw.

The fuchsia hedge is just moving with bumbles and honey bees. Back in spring, Dan wanted to take it out because it looked so, well, dead but we love it now, because the bees do. We’re going to grow some spring flowering clematis through it to give some early interest, but there’s a new fence to go in behind it first.

The hens love the apple trees - justperfect for an appley treat.

hensHens in apple trees.

Saturday 21st September

What a glorious day! About 27C, no wind and full sun. Just fantastic. Planted out the brassicas – Cabbage Advantage, Cabbage Spring Hero, Broccoli Claret and Cauliflower Aalsmeer. Refilled the kitchen freezer and emptied the upright – I need to get all the freezers emptied, defrosted and cleaned, stocktake done and refilled before we get the pigs back on Friday.

Andy was here so he and Dan started processing the wood that was cut a few weeks ago.

We said goodbye to Leo and he went off to his new home and hello to Euro, when he arrived in the dark. Tara and Rebecca took some video of Leo and he seemed fine, having travelled well. I bathed Smokey, so he looks very white indeed!

Ave has decided she loves Smokey and Euro is an unwelcome third. Smokey likes Euro because he submits to Smokey. It’s like an equine soap opera.

Took the trailer and cattle gates to East Pitkerro, ready for loading the steers on Monday.

Sunday 22nd September

Another lovely sunny and warm day, but windier than yesterday. When I brought the horses in this morning, I left Euro in the paddock so he could have his breakfast in peace. He’s lovely – a real gentle giant. It’ll take a few days to settle down, but they’ll all be fine soon.

EuroEuro - photo doesn't do him justice.

After doing my morning chores, I went back to bed – felt less than 100% - and slept until after lunchtime. Dan was beefing up the fences at the poultry pens as we’ve had  a few losses recently – he found a few gaps where Foxy was getting in, and these have been eliminated.

Netted the brassicas – I think we’re past caterpillars but the pigeons might see them as fair game. Roast pork, apple sauce and veggies for dinner, followed by apple and bramble sponge and custard. Proper autumn food! And porridge is back on the menu for breakfast.

Horses enjoying the sun.

horsesHorses in the sun.

Haulier called to say he’d pick up the two steers tomorrow at 9am.


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