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Posted: Monday 4 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 2:20pm in Growing Comments closed

We planted our onion and shallot sets yesterday in the first vegetable bed. We've already got garlic and elephant garlic in, so these were next to go.

I only bought brown onion sets- Hytech - so we planted 210 sets. Our shallots are Jermor and Pikant; we planted 20 and 15 sets respectively. The sets had been stored in the boot room and the Pikant had taken a bit of a hammering and quite a lot were mouldy. The Jermor had fared much better. We bought some red onion sets today - Red Baron - so if the sun comes out or at least the wind drops, I'll go and get them in. Also in that bed will be spring onions, although I'll just sow a few rows between the maincrop onions, sweetcorn and leeks. The leeks are already sown in trays and growing away. We'll sow the sweetcorn in a couple of weeks in the greenhouse.

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