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Posted: Sunday 27 March, 2011

by Rosemary at 5:20am in Sheep Comments closed

It's 5.20am and we've just lambed Lyra - single tup lamb with one leg back. Once the second leg was in place, he was out quickly, although she was quite tight. He's up and sucking furiously; she's plenty milk and seems to like him well enough.

Off to bed now for an hour's less sleep - must remember to change the clocks.

Juno is due today, Sunday, and looks like she's got a bellyful of lambs. She's had twins the last two years but always lost one. I'm determined that, if she has two this year, both will survive. Bought a lamb energiser thing from Harbro yesterday.

Jinx's lamb is skipping about the pen - maybe I should have half a pint of what he's having.

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