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Posted: Tuesday 10 July, 2012

by Rosemary at 9:19pm in Cattle Comments closed

It's Kirriemuir Show on Saturday (14th July) and we're taking Breeze and George. We've never shown cattle before but we like to promote the Shetland breed, so we thought we'd give them a wee outing. Kirrie is quite a small show but it has classes for "Other Native Breeds", which is nice.

Our classes are judged after the Highlands and by the same judge. Breeze is entered in the "Heifer born after 1 January 2010" and George is in the "Calf born after 1st January 2012". Unfortunately, there wasn't a class for the cutest calf sad.

We've been preparing this week. Every evening after dinner, we bring the two of them in and have a practice walking on the halter then they get groomed a bit.

Halter training GeorgeHalter training George, with audience.

Dan's been sandpapering Breeze's horns - she doesn't mind and they are much smoother, so they'll be oiled on Friday. I'm going to wash her white bits, but I'm not bathing her - and I'm certainly not bathing George.

Breeze and GeorgeThe power of Buttercup Calf Crunch!

The cattle foot trimmer is coming on Thursday to trim Blizzard and Henry - he's taking ten Highlands to Kirrie. Yes, ten!!! Guess what he'll be doing on Friday.

We've got new white halters and I've ordered white coats for us and I've made a list of things we need to take, like entry passes, passports, hay and so on. I even dreamed about the show the other night - in my dream, George ran away! Hope that doesn't come true.

Anyway, we'll let you know how Saturday goes but if anyone is in the area, do come along and say hello.

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