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Posted: Sunday 2 May, 2010

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The son of our livery yard owner has just bought two Saddleback weaners. Where has he put them? In a pen next to Smokey's field. This is good in the long term, as we'll have pigs and Smokey at Dalmore, so he can get desensitised now. But in the meantime, it's a bit hairy.

There are four horses in the field; Smokey, Wallace (Welsh Section D), Jack (Welsh Section A type) and Jeffrey (large coloured cob). Jack is the least bothered; Jeffrey was dripping with sweat the first evening. I've never seem a horse sweat like that - it was dripping off him.

This is Day 3 and Smokey was much better this morning going into the field. I gave him some hay to stop him bolting off down the field; he ate it quite calmly but he's obviously not sure. The horses have two small fields and the dividing gate takes them quite close to the pigs. I've been shouting Smokey through so he can come through at his own pace - gallop on Night 1 and lovely elevated trot last night!

I don't know what it is with pigs and horses. Would pigs have predated on horses in the mists of time? Can't imagine so. Anyway, they can't live at that level of excitement for long, so I expect calm to return sometime during the week. Hopefully.


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