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A satisfactory weekend

Sunday 1 February, 2004

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There have been times on a winter's Sunday evening when I've looked back at the weekend past and reflected on how little I've achieved in the smallholding. There were some good reasons - inclement weather, family commitments, work commitments - but there were also bad excuses, and plain laziness. Since we both work full-time I tell myself that it's important to get some rest at the weekend, and I'm sure that's true, but it's always disappointing when you achieve less than you feel you should have, in whatever field.

Winter chores

Saturday 27 December, 2003

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Today was the first opportunity for a good month that I've had to get outside and catch up on a few small jobs which have been lingering on the 'To Do' list. A great chance to blow away a few Xmas cobwebs too, and work off some of the excess calories from the past few days.

I'm growing autumn-planted onion sets for the first time (just 100 or so as an experiment) and they seem to be doing well. Weeded them, and the netting covering them was getting ragged, so some reshaping of the wire hoops and renetting was needed.

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