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Posted: Monday 25 October, 2021

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Tuesday 12th October

After yesterday’s events, we’re just chillin’.  But it was a nice day, so Blizzard and her new calf re-joined the herd. He'll be registered as Rosedean Braw (in keeping with our weather theme - Braw ina New Guinean wind and it being a B year) bu has been given the pet name, Buster.

babyBaby meets Buster.

Wednesday 13th October

Festival stuff. And cute calves.

heifersBuster, behind Blizzard, and his three sisters.

Thursday 14th October

More Festival stuff. Starting to feel sick.

Friday 15th October

Our first frost of the season this morning.

frostFirst frost.

Picked up rest of beef – 179 packs burgers, 120 mince, 100 stew plus sirloin and fillet steak, some sirloin is still at the butchers. We’re having a beef sale this weekend.

The new freezer was delivered bang on time, so that was a relief.

Saturday 16th October

Decent interest in our beef sale; a lot of familiar faces but also some new ones, which is good.

We set up the trailer in preparation for the pigs going away tomorrow. They were in in within minutes and sound asleep in there at feeding time. This will hopefully reduce stress tomorrow.

trailerSetting up the pig trailer for tomorrow.

Gwenna and Bertie joined me this evening. It was warm.

petsBertie and Gwenna.

Sunday 17th October

Off with the pigs early doors, on the advice of Martin. Just as well we did because there was a vehicle accident on the M8 about the Harthill exit, just before we got there. The road was closed for two and a half hours – so glad we missed it.

Blizzard has mastitis in the near back quarter. She’s in the barn with Buster and not very happy. Vet been out with Metacam and Pen&Strep; I’ll milk her twice a day until it’s better.

Wednesday 20th October

Blizzard is fine in herself but the quarter is still pretty hard. I think she will lose the quarter, which isn’t a disaster, given how high yielding she is.

It’s all Festival this week. Feeling anxious. It’s a weird year – last year, there was no decision to make – it had to be virtual. This year, much harder.

Friday 22nd October

Off to Forfar at lunchtime to set up for tomorrow.

Brought Rora in this evening, ready for morning. She had a complete yeehah round Near Ditch before walking quietly into the barn.

Saturday 23rd October – Scottish Smallholder Festival

Even though this is our tenth Festival, I still get completely wound up before it. Dan’s a rock. Thank goodness.

Up at 5am. Rora loaded very well indeed; she was the only cattle beast there. Dan said he could have sold her several times over.

The event went off very well indeed. We sold over 900 tickets and that excludes under 12s and there were a lot of kids there, which is great.

Good night’s sleep tonight then start the aftermath work tomorrow.

Sunday 24th October

Up sharp to clean out the trailer, then off for hay. One bale for here, one for East Pitkerro; loaded up straw from here, and then down to EP to bring the two steers in that are going to the abattoir in the morning. They came in like a dream – leaving the two youngsters outside, so that was just perfect. Hopefully, tomorrow will go as well.

Took Smokey out in hand, with Ashley and Tara riding Gracie and Euro. It was a lovely day and it was great to get out with my boy. I never feel worse after spending time with Smokey.

poniesGracie,Smokey, Euro and their pets.

Then it was into the office to go through all the Festival boxes and bin all the rubbish. Tomorrow, I’ll start on the paperwork and post event publicity. We have a debrief on Wednesday, and then it all starts again for next year. I’m already planning.




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