Goats: Small-Scale Goat Keeping for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver

Goats: Small-Scale Goat Keeping for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver

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This is a great little book - an enjoyable read with informative and easily accessible facts to whet your appetite and show the initial steps needed in planning to keep goats.

Jump from the bandwagon to the farm with one of the hottest-growing food sources in the country. Goats is an in-depth guide to small-scale goat keeping—for pleasure and profit! The author delivers essential information on choosing, breeding, and tending goats while also herding together some fascinating and fun facts about them. Comprehensive discussions, full-color photos, and easy-to-use charts will help to ensure the success of your goat-keeping ventures.

From cashmere to milk and meat! · Select the right breed for your farm · Learn common goat herd behavior · Keep goats healthy with a nutritious diet · Spot symptoms of common goat disease · Breed, deliver, and care for does and bucks · Market and sell fresh goat milk · Explore goat resources and Web sites Plus many other helpful tips!

Book details

160 pages
BowTie Press
Publication date
June 2006

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