Virkon S Tablets 50x5g

Virkon is dissolved in water for use, providing a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria (including mycobacteria), viruses, spores and fungi in a variety of independent tests using different protocols.

Virkon is a DEFRA approved broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant. Highly versatile - surface, equipment, water and ariel disinfection.

This pack of 50x5g Virkon S Tablets is ideal for stable block, horse box, tack and equipment cleaning and disinfection. Each tablet makes up 500ml of ready to use disinfectant.

Contains a surfactant that cleans and disinfects in one quick, easy step. Effective infection control for all laboratory surfaces, equipment and instruments and decontamination of stainless steel instruments.

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