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Our sheep were shorn last night. We have a lovely bloke called Duncan who shears them - pity he doesn't go as far as Angus. Last year we had three to do, this year there were…

DiaryLivestock / SheepSaturday 29 May, 2010


Workshop with Deb Robson (Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook)

The exact programme is still in evolution, but is likely to be based around exploring how to approach and use a number of different types of fleeces, some local and others not;…

EventFood & Craft / AgricultureThursday 7 August, 2014


Still wet

IT’S SO WET! And dismal. However, I was looking back some old diary entries – last winter 14/15 was dry. I had written that we had one wet week in November but had been…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingSunday 10 January, 2016



Our three sheep were sheared for the first time today. I was a bit anxious - not by the shearing itaself, but in getting someone to come for three. It's been quite hot and…

DiaryLivestock / SheepSaturday 28 June, 2008


Sheepy makeover

We trimmed Nellie, Niamh and Novas eyes this morning - one of the drawbacks with Ryelands is that the copious wool on their faces starts to obscure their vision. Luna also…

DiaryLivestock / SheepTuesday 5 April, 2011


New grazing

Today we rigged up barriers at either end of our track and let the sheep in there to graze and browse. We have to meake best use of our limited grazing and since Dan was preparing…

DiaryLivestock / SheepSunday 26 April, 2009


Don't let your guard down!

I was grooming the ponies yesterday and thinking how nice it must be for them to be pretty much fly free now. After I turned them out, I had a look at the sheep. Luna, one of the…

DiaryLivestock / SheepTuesday 7 September, 2010


The girls are back!

Well, it's been a sheep day today. Our ewes were scanned and came home, and Carol's ewe lambs left by return. Our ewes and ewe lambs are now in the top of the orchard and will be…

DiaryLivestock / SheepSunday 24 January, 2010


Practical Sheep Keeping by Kim Cardell

An explanation of everything you need to know to manage sheep and keep them healthy. From choosing and buying, housing, feeding and routine management, to breeding and lambing, Kim…

BookLivestock / SheepMonday 12 September, 2011


Hurdies / Apiary hedge / Cattle shenanigans / First sock

Monday 22nd January Nice and warm today – up to 5C, but damp and that made it feel raw. The cows must have had a party last night and invited the neighbours –…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingTuesday 30 January, 2018

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