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Wool terminology

The production, processing and usage of wool has its own language developed over centuries. Here we explain the most com…

ArticleLivestock / SheepSaturday 10 September, 2011



From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, sheep were kept not for their meat but for their fleece.…

ArticleLivestock / SheepSaturday 10 September, 2011


Wool on the Wall 2014

A day celebrating and exploring British wool. Run alongside Greenhead Farmers' Market. There will be vendors selling any and everything to do with or made from British wool…

EventFood & Craft / Shows and salesSunday 13 July, 2014



We got our wool back from Diane yesterday. It really is lovely; it's so soft and not at all scratchy. I'm really looking forward to getting it knitted up. I think there…

DiaryLivestock / SheepThursday 16 October, 2008


Strathearn Wool Week

A Feast of Woolly Events to celebrate British Wool Week. Daytime Workshops including felting, spinning and dyeing Mon-Sat Knitting Evenings: Kate Davies Sheep carousel (Wed) and…

EventMonday 15 October, 2012


Strathearn Wool Tryst

A Feast of Woolly Events Fleece exhibition                    Market…

EventFood & Craft / AgricultureSunday 6 October, 2013


Our fleece is now wool!

Well, a little bit of it is! It smells lovely, it's a glorious colour and I'm chuffed to bits with it. I'll be sending off more to be spun this week. Now that he's seen it spun,…

DiaryLivestock / SheepWednesday 27 August, 2008


Wool but no lambs

As one might expect for the time of year, the weather has been a bit changeable but I’m hoping that April showers will bring May flowers. And lots of grass. We ate lunch…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 4 April, 2016


Shearing Sheep

Although wool prices have improved in recent years, it is still likely that it will cost you more to get a shearer to cl…

ArticleLivestock / SheepMonday 18 March, 2013


Fly Strike

Fly Strike is a horrible thing for any flock owner to deal with and can easily be fatal to the sheep if not detected ear…

ArticleLivestock / SheepMonday 18 March, 2013

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