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RPA Cattle Inspection

Our smallholding here at Dalmore is not registered for Single Farm Payment and until this year, we’ve never applied for any subsidies. But with the cattle coming along, we…

DiaryLivestock / CattleMonday 25 March, 2013


Sunny and Rosie learn about halters

With the cows and heifer calves inside, it's time to halter train the heifer calves. I enjoy this - gives me an excuse to spend time with the cows :-) I suppose the way I do it…

DiaryLivestock / CattleTuesday 13 January, 2015


Sheep / Mats / Weaving

Monday 15 October Lovely and sunny today but it’s paperwork day, so was inside looking out. Also had loads of Festival stuff to do. Took Diesel to the vet for his…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 22 October, 2018


Buttons / Beans / Apples

Monday 1st June Nice and cool at 5.30 am then hot and sunny – rain forecast for tomorrow though. Spent most of the day in the vegetable garden, planting out replacement…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 8 June, 2020


Nearly done

We've truly had four seasons in one day here - snow, hail and rain,wind interspersed with lovely warm sunshine. I guess that's Scotland in April :-) Lambing is almost over now.…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 25 April, 2016


Gardens / Shearing / Blood tests

Monday 24th May We had more rain overnight and the day was cool, damp and drizzly. We ate the last of last year’s apples this morning – we cooked and froze tonnes…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 31 May, 2021


Birthday / New hens and chicks / Cheddar! / Baking

Monday 17th April Yippee! A few rain showers today; crystal clear and a bit cool tonight, so maybe we will get the forecast frost. Bryn is exhausted – Mickey is wearing…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingTuesday 25 April, 2017


Tack / Tank / Feet

Monday 18th November Cold and sunny; the ditch has a blockage that stopping it flowing properly so Dan’s getting the waders on to sort it out. I started a Christmas cake,…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 25 November, 2019


Bad back; Freezers; Spltting lambs; Sheep course

Monday 15th August Cool first thing but shaping up to be hot. I let the sheep into a field with better shade – I think their agitation yesterday was due to the heat rather…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingTuesday 23 August, 2016


Milk / Cheese / Sweetpeas

Monday 25th May No rats in the trap this morning. Not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved – bit of both. Took the ponies across the golf course. Dan made a soft…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingWednesday 3 June, 2020

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