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Author Topic: Puppy food  (Read 2771 times)


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Re: Puppy food
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2017, 10:12:47 am »
If the protein source is from cereals (which are quite indigestible to a dog) then this can cause hyperactivity and fizzy behaviour- I think it's something to do with starch if I remember rightly. If the protein source is from meat (very digestible) then it will pass through the system and not cause adverse behaviour. Our 2 are fed Millies Wolfheart, the protein levels are high but the food is grain free and thus doesn't cause problems as the protein source is quality meat (not derivatives).

I would disagree with not feeding working dog food to pets- quite often it is the same food, just packaged differently, to avoid VAT. Milies Wolfheart is a working dog food but our 2 sprockers do very well on it.

Dr Johns is pretty awful as a food- look at the list of ingredients- if it contains cereals listed first, meat derivatives... say no thanks and find something else. Skinners is a good mid range food but we now feed grain free Millies and have seen a huge difference in the condition of our 2 girls.

Spaniels need a lot of mental stimulation, we have 2- mother and daughter. The mother is 6 and quite happy to bumble along in the tractor but the daughter (3) is a product of her Cocker father and quite honestly mad as a box of frogs :roflanim:  but I wouldn't be without either of them.
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Re: Puppy food
« Reply #16 on: December 10, 2017, 08:19:38 pm »
Another millies fan here too :) I was previously feeding raw but currently cannot stomach raw meat.

I have 3 adult collies and a chinese crested puppy now. No-one is "worked" but 2 collies and the crestie are shown in the breed ring and 2 collies also do a lot of training for search and rescue - fingers crossed we'll end up qualified this time next year.
I've never had a problem with energy levels or "fizziness" or manic behaviour on anything I've fed and with the older collie I think I have tried them all bar Bakers - for him we were searching for something to settle his stomach rather than for behaviour and eventually had to go grain and chicken free. What does result in manic behaviour or fizziness is the lack of brain work in this house.
We do a lot of scent games (talking dogs scentworks is a nice easy start), all meals are fed in activity and slow feeders (and amazon basics do a nice range for just £5 a bowl) and they all learn tricks and do fitpaws too.

Another plus of Millies is with all the different flavors and ratios is there is something for everyone snd you can swap around if needed with no issues

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Re: Puppy food
« Reply #17 on: March 01, 2018, 03:05:42 pm »
We have a red and white Welsh sheepdog and found a rice-based element to the diet (Chappie) suited him much better than wheat-based.


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