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Author Topic: Moving from North Wales to Aberdeenshire with Ponies, Dogs and Cats in September  (Read 609 times)


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Hi, I'm new here and looking for advice/guidance. It was suggested to me that this Forum was really good for advice. I am moving from North Wales to Aberdeenshire in September to start a PhD in Equine Laminitis based at Craibstone. I am moving up with my 4 welsh cobs and welsh pony, my 2 dogs and 2 cats. At 47 years old and now single, this is a massive challenge in itself, but also an amazing opportunity. I wondered if there was anyone in the Aberdeenshire area who might be able to give me some advice in terms of either renting small accommodation with grazing/stabling or renting grazing/stabling (limited budget - £350pcm for stabling/grazing maximum or £800 total for accommodation for me, dogs, cats and ponies. Help, I know this is a challenge but I have to find a way to do this and start life again. Many thanks in advance for any guidance. Philippa
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 :wave: and welcome from Shropshire. I can't help with your questions but wanted to wish you well. I started my first degree when I was 46 and never regretted the entire life change to do it. I'm sure there are people from Aberdeenshire on here who will pop up at some point. Might be worth posting in the equine group as well because not everyone reads the introductions.


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Good luck am sure it will all work out


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Also try 'marketplace' for land available.  Maybe someone can point you in the direction of the best local sites for properties, or there might be some 'word-of-mouth' ideas.   Sorry I'm a bit too far south to help. Good luck and do keep us in the loop about your progress and your move  :fc: :thumbsup:

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Not going to be easy as Aberdeenshire is a costly place to live. Grazing alone could cost you about £30 per week per horse. I live near Banff which is about 45 miles North of Aberdeen and small flats rent for around £500/£600 per month so near Aberdeen will cost more I would expect. Try an add on Facebook you might get lucky.  There are a few horse sites one being Horse Chat in Aberdeenshire. there a plenty of livery yards. Ellon, Iverurie would be close to where you are going to be.  :wave:


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Good luck Philippa I hope all goes well for you. I think you are right to do this now. We have only been able to achieve our smallholding in older age and, looking back, I would have taken more on in my 50s than now in my 60s. It’s a great time to do it.


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Have you tried Aberdeen and Northern Marts? They might know of something even if it isn't listed on their website. Maybe think about how far you are prepared to commute as the further away you are from Aberdeen the cheaper it gets.
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