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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2019, 08:56:09 pm »
Mmmm!  Thought I would report the following disappointment/issue wrt to my spunbond weed membrane.
The runs I've managed to complete (without a useful 2nd pair of hands) have been torn/holed by something!
I've yet to lay a covering mulch of cut-grass, stale silage-haylage, straw or whatever ... and the membrane, on its own, is not opaque enough to substantially stunt the vigorous Spring spurt of grass/weed growth. Membrane strips look like plump pillows !!  (Quite disappointing.)

I've walked over the pillowed membrane without issue, but, today, I witnessed dog No.2 run across a strip:  his little clawed feet sliced through the pillowed membrane like it was wet tissue paper !  So, thanks to dogs (and possibly birds also), the membrane is not faring too well right now.

Some trial strips of silage wrap - punctured for some degree of porosity - have performed and fared rather better and I'm now thinking extensive weed suppression will have to be a combo - spunbond as 1st layer with (punctured) silage wrap as additional light-supression layer. (Hopefully latter will be removeable and moveable for Field 2 weed suppression idc.)

[Silage wrap per sq.m. is so cheap compared to anything else, but, of course, doesn't allow same degree of rain penetration even when a pattern of holes has been punctured into it.]

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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #16 on: June 20, 2019, 06:30:46 pm »
Further to my last post:  WARNING!  I have now established that at least one of my spunbond purchases is utter rubbish!  (Just not sure which supplier the offending membrane came from as I type this post and/or whether both supplies will be the same.)
After just a few weeks in the open, the membrane has become "fragile".  The same unused membrane in storage is really very tough/resistant to tearing, but laid membrane has become extremely fragile - a few weeks on from my last post and I can no longer walk over it without damage!  It is not dog No. 2's fault afterall. 

Oh bother - I have lots of this stuff.  Gonna have to work out who I'm about to complain to !!

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