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Author Topic: Weed membranes  (Read 1471 times)


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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2019, 08:56:09 pm »
Mmmm!  Thought I would report the following disappointment/issue wrt to my spunbond weed membrane.
The runs I've managed to complete (without a useful 2nd pair of hands) have been torn/holed by something!
I've yet to lay a covering mulch of cut-grass, stale silage-haylage, straw or whatever ... and the membrane, on its own, is not opaque enough to substantially stunt the vigorous Spring spurt of grass/weed growth. Membrane strips look like plump pillows !!  (Quite disappointing.)

I've walked over the pillowed membrane without issue, but, today, I witnessed dog No.2 run across a strip:  his little clawed feet sliced through the pillowed membrane like it was wet tissue paper !  So, thanks to dogs (and possibly birds also), the membrane is not faring too well right now.

Some trial strips of silage wrap - punctured for some degree of porosity - have performed and fared rather better and I'm now thinking extensive weed suppression will have to be a combo - spunbond as 1st layer with (punctured) silage wrap as additional light-supression layer. (Hopefully latter will be removeable and moveable for Field 2 weed suppression idc.)

[Silage wrap per sq.m. is so cheap compared to anything else, but, of course, doesn't allow same degree of rain penetration even when a pattern of holes has been punctured into it.]

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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #16 on: June 20, 2019, 06:30:46 pm »
Further to my last post:  WARNING!  I have now established that at least one of my spunbond purchases is utter rubbish!  (Just not sure which supplier the offending membrane came from as I type this post and/or whether both supplies will be the same.)
After just a few weeks in the open, the membrane has become "fragile".  The same unused membrane in storage is really very tough/resistant to tearing, but laid membrane has become extremely fragile - a few weeks on from my last post and I can no longer walk over it without damage!  It is not dog No. 2's fault afterall. 

Oh bother - I have lots of this stuff.  Gonna have to work out who I'm about to complain to !!

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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #17 on: September 11, 2019, 07:06:34 pm »
And, because my spunbond membrane was rubbish and silage wrap installation is a bit of a pain (for large areas) I have now decided to not use membranes except for establishing smallish weed-free starter beds for future plantings.
For existing willow & apple beds, I'm just going to mow, mow, mow between the rows & tickle the inter-row soil occasionally with the Mantis.
For the mowing, a Stiga 47 SQB mulch mower with side discharge facility & with Briggs & Strat' 500E engine is on order:  I'll report idc on my satisfaction with it.
(It was a toss up between the Stiga 47 SQB and an AL-KO 460 BR-A, but the AL-KO is not available anywhere, so Stiga it had to be.  One of the retailers I spoke to offered the thought that the Stiga was the "better" machine anyway.

Whatever, it's on order already, but anyone with Stiga machinery experience ?

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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #18 on: September 11, 2019, 10:07:05 pm »
Whatever, it's on order already, but anyone with Stiga machinery experience ?

We have got a Stiga ride-on (at least 10 years old) - very robust


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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #19 on: September 12, 2019, 05:50:11 pm »
Darn it, mower was damaged in transit ! 

Luckily (I say that advisedly) there was a small bit of broken plastic in the bottom of the box.  There was some damage to the box, but there was no obvious external damage to machine;  so that little bit of broken plastic was a "god send".  Without it I might have installed the handle and filled engine with oil and fuel and run her up which would have placed me, potentially, in a different situation. 
However, in summary, it would appear that rear end has been "bounced" hard in transit and Stiga have agreed to do a swapsy based on my description of damage with photos.  In other words, Stiga will not require prior check before sending out a replacement & the courier will take away the damaged unit at same time.
Replacement due next Tues ( :( ) - I could really have done with it this w/end, but the no-quibble same-day Stiga response is welcome.

Also:  I've suggested to Stiga that better packaging would be a good idea given the pressure that courier operatives are under these days to meet delivery time targets.  Stuff is going to be shunted without suitable handling care under the pressure and I see courier drivers actually running up my street to deliver smaller/lighter packages - a brisk walking pace should be enough surely.  (Richard, my usual DPD delivery driver was well flustered today compounded by it being recycling day with recycling vehicles jamming up various roads - "I hate Thursdays here" he said.
Roll on next Tues then with, hopefully, an undamaged replacement. 
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Re: Weed membranes
« Reply #20 on: September 13, 2019, 12:50:14 pm »
There seems to be two types of membranes sold here Arobwk, one is black woven and specified to be laid under paving/ gravel and the other is grass green woven which simply sits on the surface. The latter we put down earlier this year and it has survived two heatwaves at 37C and the blistering sun which can see surface temperatures at 60C. They specify metal 'U' shaped wire pegs to hold it in place, I think because the fabric is so tightly woven it wouldn't be possible to push a plastic peg through it. We have to crawl along it (under the kiwis) to weed the adjoining veg bed, so I know it is still good.


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