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Posted: Sunday 10 May, 2009

by Rosemary at 7:57am in Anything goes Comments closed

It's been a quiet week here, mostly due to the inclement weather. On the positive side, the grass is now growing better and the area that we reseeded after the fencing and the new shed were put in is faintly green if you look at it from the correct angle.

Herbert, our second lamb, has been renamed Dickie after a well-known TV personality. Can you guess who? With the warmer weather, we'll be treating the sheep this week to prevent fly strike. Jura had it last year but we noticed it very quickly and were able to treat it promptly. She seems none the worse for it but I'd rather avoid a repeat.

The pigs are now on 2lb of food each per day. I've taken out the trough and just feed them on the ground. They seem to prefer it that way. They don't seem to be making much impact on the grass yet, but they are still only young. I inadvertently made them a wallow by forgetting to turn of the hose while filling their water trough. Much fun was had running in and out or the water and blowing snout bubbles.

We planted a willow hedge earlier in the year, on the riverbank. Partly this is for shade, for the sheep to browse, for wood and to stabilize the bank. Most seems to have taken really well, despite the rabbits' best efforts. Dan also planted an apple tree out there. I thought it was past its best and was prepared to dispose of it, but Dan stuck it in with the willow and it's covered in blossom. Naturally, he never says “I told you so�.

We're off to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society's Smallholder and Garden Festival this weekend with some friends from Central Scotland Smallholders Association www.smallholders.info ; full report next week.

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