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Posted: Saturday 8 May, 2004

by Rosemary at 5:52pm in Cats No comments Add your own

Not to London to look at the Queen, we assume. Cass disappeared for a couple of days this week. I was really worrie, imagining the worst. However, he's back and hungry. I suspect he got shut in somewhere. He's SO nosey.

Homer has been OUTSIDE. Not very far; only on to the doorstep. And not for very long, but out nevertheless. He's becoming much more laid back about the dogs. I think his mentor, Copper, has wised him up on how to deal with canines.

Cass and Copper seem to be getting along better. Both were curled up on our bed yesterday. That would have been unthinkable even a week ago. In fact, Copper would barely stay in the same room as Cass. Actually, she used to scarper before he chased her.

Copper's on a diet. She has a huge appetite for one so small, so she hoovers up anything the other cats leave. Cass is used to kind of adlib feeding, so doesn't really recognise mealtimes. But now we have to have mealtmes and anything left gets lifted. Cass has to have wee fly meals when he comes in. I've even started weighing Copper's food. Fifty grammes isn't very much!


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