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Posted: Monday 22 October, 2007

by Rosemary at 7:40pm in Pigs Comments closed

we've started clearing down the pens and the hut. And washing the "snak-a-ball", which always makes me a bit sad.

Anyway, it was a nice day yesterday, so Dan and I spent a few hours clearing down the pig pens. I cleaned out the hut - a dusty but not unpleasant job. Although the pigs don't dirty in the hut, they do trail in a lot of mud, so I like to get this cleaned off now, rather than having damp mud lie on the wood all winter. All the straw was swept out into one of the pens - a combination of weather, hens and other wildlife will soon see it gone into the soil.

Dan cleared all the rubble that the pigs excavated over the summer and dealt with the emerging docks. He's now sown a mix of herbal grass mix and phacelia in one pen. The scientific reason for this is that we had these seeds in the garage and I'm too tight to buy any more - "waste not, want not", as my old Ma used to say. The pen that had grazing rye in it last year is already regrowing, so we'll leave it alone and see how it does.

The fencing needs a bit of attention - a couple of spars have fallen down and the gate ( the beautifulest gate) into the field has disintegrated completely. We were going to do away with it, but it's a shortcut to the river from the garden. Once we get these bits done, we'll be ready for next year!

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