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Posted: Monday 30 May, 2011

by Rosemary at 1:38pm in Cattle 1 comment Comments closed

Well, the byre is now mucked out. It took me six hours, in total. It's still got some loose straw to come out to be burned and it has to be pressure washed but all the muck is out and the floor mats washed and ready for the shearing on Sunday. They will make a nice clean base for the shearer to work on.

I'll start feeding the heifers this evening, get them used to the halters, then start bringing them in to be fed in the byre. We'll need to rig up some handling facility for the coming AI - that will be in the byre - and, in due course, they will be milked in there, so might as well get them used to it.


Ffarm Fach Jo

Saturday 4 June, 2011 at 8:17pm

Blimey, shearing? Already?? You lucky thing - we're always last on the list & still have weeks to wait before we'll get ours' done, I suspect. Mind you the weather is still topsy-turvy: fine, hot & dry one minute then chilly winds & rain, the next. Interesting times!

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