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Posted: Wednesday 3 June, 2020

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Monday 25th May

No rats in the trap this morning. Not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved – bit of both. Took the ponies across the golf course. Dan made a soft cheese and added garlic and herbs to half. The other half is for a cheesecake.

Ace and Blizzard shared the hay today.

BlizzBlizzard and Ace, sharing.

Tuesday 26th May

Eeew, two rats in the trap this morning – one escaped when they saw me (cheap trap flexed); Dan shot one andit escaped too. I’m getting a rodent control professional.

Farrier was here for Ave and Euro; took them up the railway once they had their feet done.

Moved the sheep to a fresh paddock and made cheesecake with yesterday’s soft cheese, our cream and eggs, homemade gingernuts for the base – and a tin of Carnation Caramel. That made ten small cheesecakes with lots of filling left over so made a big one with Amaretti biscuit base. Note to self – crushed Amaretti with butter, then baked, sets like concrete. I need some new bakeware.

astridAstrid and Niamh and two tup lambs.

Milking is going well – partly because I’m more relaxed this year. The cows now loaf around in the shed after milking - having a drink, scratch on the brush, bit of hay. I always untie them in reverse order of the hierarchy - Rosie first, then Annie 10 minutes later, then Blizz, then finally Ace. That way, Rosie and Annie, but Rosie in particular, get a turn on the brush.

afterLoafing after milking.

Wednesday 27th May

Cool and cloudy changing to hot and sunny. Big ? over the peas – something is eating them. Courgettes and beans looking fine.

New dump bucket lid arrived today. Great servcie from Tim Gibson as usual.

lidNew dump bucket lid.

A friend popped down to pick up a socially distanced BFL fleece and a mutton joint. WE were chatting about marketing fleece and yarn. I have A LOT of yarn – and I could really do with realising the cash. Need to get thinking cap on.

Thursday 28th May

Sunny and hot. Pest control man here; bait traps set. There was a small dead rat in a water bucket this morning – he said it was unusual to see such a young rat away from the nest, which may mean that the parents are dead.

Did some weeding. Annie gave nearly 10 litres from two quarters today. What a girl. Our weekdays are now Monday, Cheeseday, Wednesday, Curdsday, Friday.

fridgeMilk fridge.

Friday 29th May

Mucked out the barn first thing this morning while it was still cool. Our lovely neighbours took a few barrow loads for their garden and the trailer is now full.

I don’t know if it’s the heat but I have about six of the new pullets saying they are broody. I think I’ll take the puppy cage up and try and cool them down a bit.

broodiesBroodies, cooling off.

Saturday 30th May

Walked out the ponies today; Kate took Smokey and I took Ave. If Kate’s going to ride Smokey, she needs to get to know him and vice versa.

Dan went off with the strimmer – the garden looks much tidier now.

Sunday 31st May

Ponies out again today but went up to Barry village for a change. Ave didn’t like the bus or the car with bikes on top.

Dan took the muck trailer off and emptied it which meant I could muck out the byre, which served as the lambing shed this year. Then he got his strimmer out and headed off round the policies.

The sweetpeas in the polytunnel are flowering well.

sweetpeasTwilight mix and White Leamington.

Applied Clik to all the sheep after jagging the lambs with Heptavac.

We’re going to progress the possible installation of a toilet and kitchen in the West Range.

I made a list of the bakeware I currently have and decided to check my favourite recipe books to see what sizes of tins I should buy. Why don’t recipe writers have standard sizes? Could all cakes not be 20cm diameter? Or all Swiss Rolls one size? Grrr. Still, looking forward to getting some new bits and bobs. No more plastic tubs though.

tubsHow many plastic tubs do we have?



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