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Posted: Thursday 24 August, 2017

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Monday 14th August

More heavy rain showers but thankfully, they aren’t prolonged enough to cause any standing water in the fields. In fact the fields are pretty good.

The contractor arrived today to spread P&K on five of the six paddocks. He had a wee problem with low branches at one of the access gates – his GPS was on the tractor roof.

Spreading P&KSpreading P & K.

Neither GPS nor height is a problem with our tractor. Some judicious branch snapping and tucking behind the fence sorted it enough to let him in though.

Moving the ponies was fun – Lucy doesn’t like new places, even if she can still see the old one.

Dan took Bryn for a walk and found some puffball mushrooms on the golf course.

Puffball mushroomsPuffball mushroom.

Now he’s identified them we’ll be trying some next time.

The cows were in for milking for longer than usual, because of the fertilizer spreading so it was a messier milking than usual. Generally, they don’t poop when in for milking. Annie didn’t take part in milking today; Panda wasn’t hungry and didn’t feed. Ace has now dropped Winnie in favour of Rosie.

We have a lame pig.  

Tuesday 15th August

Sunny but wet underfoot, but at least it will be washing in the fertilizer.

The pig is lamer today so got the vet out. Shut the pig in the livestock trailer with a nice straw bed – makes examination easier. He’s a real nice boy – none of them are the slightest bit aggressive.

The vet felt a bit of heat in the sore leg so prescribed Tylan water-soluble antibiotic and Metacam. Since Limpy Pig is only to get water with Tylan, we’ve left him in the trailer with the ramp down and the top jockey door open – he seems quite happy and his mates at=re lying at the bottom of the ramp, keeping him company.

I used the weight tape on him and it said 81kg deadweight; measured head to tail and girth and used the calculator, and it said 95kg live weight. Need to think about getting them away once LP is sound and out of the meat withdrawal period.

Saw Rosie served today.

Got the A2 Gene testing results back; not really what I wanted – Annie, Blizzard and Rosie are A1/A1; Winnie is A1/A2.

Wednesday 16th August

Dan did the morning round today and I had a lie-in. Bliss.

Picked up the Metacam for the pig and Bravoxin 10 for the calves this afternoon.

Discovered the non-limpy pigs have had a go at the fuse box on the livestock trailer.

Pig trailer damageWill we ever learn?!

We had put hurdles around the front-end of the trailer to protect the electrics there after a bad experience a few years ago, but obviously need to protect anything chewable!

Almost finished the guest room – took one bed down and put the new one up. It’s looking good.

Had a home-grown omelette for lunch – our eggs, cheddar, tomatoes and spring onions.

Dalmore omeletteDalmore omelette.

Tasted great.

Had a meeting with a social media marketing consultant, mainly about the Festival – very impressed and looking forward to working with her.

Thursday 17th August

It’s Carnoustie Horticultural Show tomorrow and Saturday so I was up at 4.30am doing some baking for the show. I didn’t plan to be up at that time but I was awake and thought I should do something constructive.

Made up the beds in the guest room. We need to get a couple of bedside cabinets.

Zaza came for a play with Bryn; she missed our usual Monday session, as she was away for her hip x-rays.

Limpy Pig took his Metacam in black cherry jam sandwich and he got a nice fresh bed; he needs to stop spilling his water.

Ace is now courting Blizzard; it’s 20 days since he went in with them and I think she was going out of her season then. Fingers crossed that he’s served them all now.

Friday 18th August

Limpy Pig had his Metacam in a rhubarb and strawberry jam sandwich today.

I took a hair sample from Ace for A2 gene testing. I’ll do the two heifer calves when they get their Bravoxin vaccination next week.

Gemma and Paul have been doing some great work clearing the apiary, ready for the new hedge to be planted.

Paul went up to the Glen to check the hives; the bees are healthy enough but they aren’t laying down much honey. Just not the weather for it, I guess.

Dan won both apple classes – cooking and dessert – at the Show plus a cup for most points in the fruit section. His knitted scarf was second in the men’s handcrafts class and his bread was third (should have won IMHO – but brick like loaves trumped high hydration, hand shaped bread).

My afternoon tea won its class and my fruit loaf was second; cheese scones unplaced.

1st place for my afternoon tea!Chuffed with 1st place for my afternoon tea!

Our neighbours, J&M, had a good day too.

Entries looked fewer than last year and I am determined to make a better entry next year (I say that every year at this time but I do mean it).

Saturday 19th August

Windy but dry.

Friends from Northumberland came to visit today – hence the rush to get the guest room ready! It was great to see them again; they have recently bought a smallholding after a few years of searching.

They are going to be buying Winnie! I’m so pleased that she’ll go to a milking home. She is just such a sweet temperament. I’ll make sure she’s in calf before she goes and delivering her gives us an excuse to see their place.

The calves were especially playful today when coming in for milking.

Cheeky Shetland calvesCheeky Shetland calves.

They're getting into a routine now and almost bring themselves in.

It’s 17 days since Annie was courted, so fingers crossed there’s no more action.

The Muckle Backit Pizza Oven was in Carnoustie tonight so we all had really scrummy pizza. Then Paul made chips, which were also yummy.

Sunday 20th August

It’s been the loveliest day – sunny, dry and still. It’s made such a change to have no wind.

A Shetland cattle breeder from Fife came to see the two heifer calves and is interested in buying them at weaning. I suggested selling Rosie with Missie at foot but he just wants the calves, so we’ll be keeping Rosie, which is no hardship.

The timing of caving this year (June / July) means that we’ll have to house the cows with calves, so the extension to the barn is definitely on.


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