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Posted: Thursday 8 June, 2023

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Monday 29th May

Office day, mainly.  Dropped the car at the garage for its MOT with more than a little trepidation, but it passed first time. Bills paid, spread sheets updated, website diary done. Not bad considering TBDG (that bloody dog, Gwenna) had me up at 4.30am.  Let the dogs out, let the hens down, fed the wild birds and Penfold, then fed the dogs. Took a cup of tea back to bed – at 7.30am, when the alarm went off, my eyes were glued shut. Gwenna, was back in HER bed by 5am, and sound asleep.

Tara came round at lunchtime and we took Smokey and Gracie for a walk for half an hour - twenty minutes walking, and ten minutes grazing. And half an hour blethering for us.

Dan was back in the sunken garden this afternoon – he’s a man on a mission.

gardenThree corners cleared.

Tuesday 30th May

Hot today; first day I’ve felt that it was truly hot. I slept in the spare room last night with the door closed – no cats, no dogs – and Gwenna didn’t stir until 6.30am. Maybe she was as tired by her 4.30am rising yesterday as I was.

I had a two hour Zoom call in the morning, so the ponies were left to graze the track. Saves cutting it and the farrier came this afternoon, so it saved me having to bring them in from the field too.

Penfold has looked a bit swollen the last couple of days, so he had a trip to see Fiona, the vet this afternoon. She took 500ml of fluid off his kidneys.

Dan found treasures in the sunken garden. Please about the sink. Not so bothered about the dish drainer.


Wednesday 31st May

Day off today to visit the V&A in Dundee to see the Tartan exhibition.  I’d highly recommend it – don’t bother with the afternoon tea though. Very disappointing.

Wee devils that we are, Dan and I have booked ANOTHER day off to travel by rail to Galashiels to view the Great Tapestry of Scotland. I have viewed parts but not the entirety. We’re travelling by the 8am train from Barry (one of the three or so a day, but right at the bottom of our road), via Waverley, o Galashiels, lunch, tapestry and home again. Really looking forward to that.

Gordon Castle with its eight acre kitchen garden is next on my list.

Thursday 1st June

Rebecca and I took the ponies for a walk along the railway. Like old times. Dan was in the sunken garden.

sunken-gardenThe fourth corner.

Friday 2nd June

Emptied the greenhouse, brushed it down and swept it out. I’ll wash it in the late winter.

Picked up a load of random Lego. Just need to sort it now. I take what I want for Much Fiddling and the rest will be sold on. Happy days.

legoRandom Lego.

Saturday 3rd June

Ach, decided to wash the greenhouse now, just not the roof. What a difference. Shiny. Maybe I should do the house windows too. Mind you, it might take weeks to dry.

The calves are so curious now - much less worried about where their Mums are and the Mums are much less worried about them. Salt lick and hay are very interesting. It's funny to watch them lying cudding in the field, just like the grownups.

calfSalt is good.

calfHay is good too.

Sunday 4th June

Pizza for dinner – then, after we’d eaten our ice creams, Dan made garlic bread. Oh well, it had to be sampled and was amazing.

garlic-breadGarlic bread.

And a photo of Linda's garden, just becasue it's lovely.

gardenLinda's garden.



Wednesday 13 September, 2023 at 8:14pm

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