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Posted: Tuesday 7 February, 2006

by Rosemary at 6:44pm in Cats 1 comment Add your own

Felix has been up the chimney again. Fortunatley, he "swept" it so well last time that he wasn't half as dirty this time. We've closed the wee flap, so he can't try that one anymore.

He also seemed to have been paddling somewhere - he came rushing in, from outside, we think, because he was cold, wet to the ankles (or the cat equivalent of ankles). Our first thought was that he had fallen down the toilet - he's quite interested in the toilet - but investigation confirmed that all toilet seats were down. It wasn't wet underfoot outside, so the best we can come up with is that he has somehow fallen into the birds' water dish. With Felix, nothing is impossible.

He had to have his face washed today. His eyes, periodically, get a bit gungy. So he lies on his back, cradled in my left arm, while I wash and dry his face. Cassius would never tolerate such treatment!! If Felix gets unhappy, he attacks my hand by holding it in his front paws and giving it a really severe licking! Cassius would be through to the bone!

Never a dull moment!



Wednesday 8 February, 2006 at 1:31pm

he sounds lovely, I'm glad you gave him a home, he obviously loves it!

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