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Posted: Monday 14 March, 2011

by Rosemary at 8:39pm in Poultry Comments closed

I picked up our 40 (or thereabouts - they don't stand to be counted) Black Rock chicks today. What busy little creatures they are - I'd forgotten how cute they are. Like pom-pom pets. I'm a wee bit anxious about them - for no specific reason, except that we've used the equipment before. They seemed fine when I looked in last thing.

The lame hen seems much better - I thought she was a goner on Saturday. Ate nothing Friday, she had terrible squits and the foot on her bad leg was all curled up again. Dan was getting out the gun. Anyway, Sunday (yesterday), she ate her breakfast and seems much better. When we move the flock to the new house, I'll put her back in and hopefully they won't notice her.

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