Know Your Chickens by Jack Byard

Know Your Chickens by Jack Byard

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Know Your Chickens introduces you to 44 breeds of chicken which can be seen pecking and preening around Britain today.

Jack Byard accompanies each with a profile of the chook's appearance and explains the different colours and patterns which appear within the breed. He has thoroughly researched the history of each animal and its breeding. He also gives details of their personalities and egg-laying and flying abilities.

Among others, Jack introduces the lazy Barnvelder, friendly Belgian D'Uccle, the high-flying Ancona and the 'French Poodle of the chicken world' - the Faverolles. This fascinating range of breeds is sure to make anyone a chicken enthusiast.

The book is designed for novices but an established enthusiast will find no shortage of interest.

Book details

96 pages
Old Pond Publishing Ltd
Publication date
March 2010

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