Field to Farm: The Real Smallholding Book by David Acreman

Field to Farm: The Real Smallholding Book by David Acreman

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Field to Farm is a book that explains how to live on agricultural land legally without the need for planning permission.

This book is unique, not only in its content on the whole planning process of creating a smallholding, but also in the support that is given on the web site. The authors realise that not every circumstance can be covered within this book and for this reason the author or forum members will answer any planning questions that you may have via the internet forum.

If you do decide to pursue your dream of living on the land, creating a smallholding and eventually getting permission for a permanent dwelling, you are going to be involved in the planning system. The implication of this is that you will need to comply with the system of planning laws that are current in the UK. This may not fit in with your ideals of creating your perfect smallholding.

To be successful in ultimately gaining planning permission for a permanent dwelling you must start and run certain types of agricultural enterprises. The success of this business is the only way you will be allowed to live on the land permanently.

Book details

210 pages
Bulldozer Publishing
Publication date
May 2010

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