Diseases of Free-Range Poultry by Victoria Roberts

Diseases of Free-Range Poultry by Victoria Roberts

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An essential handbook for the person wishing to keep their free-range hens or waterfowl healthy. It covers other domesticated bird species too such as ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, quail and pheasants.

This updated edition gives straight forward and easy-to-understand guidance on good management, common diseases and problems, and how to watch for the early signs of problems, with the idea of catching them before they prove fatal. Although free-range poultry are much healthier than those kept intensively, even they can suffer from coccidiosis, avian TB and other diseases as well as possibly having a vitamin deficiency or lice.

Some knowledge of a bird's anatomy and how its body works will help to explain why certain conditions are more likely to occur and so the book includes clear descriptions, photos, and diagrams of the various body functions and systems.

Book details

152 pages
Whittet Books Ltd
Publication date
November 2009

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