Anya Seed Potatoes

Anya Seed Potatoes
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Anya is a cross between Desiree and Pink Fir Apple potato which shares qualities of both parents. Anya has Pink Fir's fine nutty taste yet is 8 weeks earlier and the long tubers do not have the awkward branches that make preparation and storage difficult.

Anya potatoes are highly recommended - one of our favourites at TAS. A Salad variety. Flesh Colour - White. Uses - boil, steam and saute.

Immediately upon arrival unpack your seed potatoes and keep them in trays in a light, airy, frost free place to sprout prior to planting. Planting - depth 10cm (4"); spacing in row - 30-40cm (12-16"); width between rows - 70-75cm (28-30").

Soil should be well-worked and rich in humus (farm-yard manure or garden compost). Earth up two to three times as the top grows, to avoid green tubers. Feed with a balanced fertiliser and always keep your potatoes watered well during dry periods to ensure a good crop.

NB: Quantities are approximate and based on 10 tubers per kilogram.

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