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Practical Poultry is packed with loads of exciting features which offer readers essential help and assistance on the broadest possible range of practical subjects concerned with keeping poultry. Whether you’re looking for advice about buying new birds, feeding or simply inspiration from other keepers then you need to look no further than Practical Poultry magazine. It’s the only publication of its sort dedicated to all the different types of poultry.

Practical Poultry is an informative monthly magazine that caters for enthusiasts at all levels from beginners with a few chickens to established breeders working on small-scale commercial production. If you keep poultry, you need Practical Poultry magazine.

This specialist title is aimed purely at poultry, catering for enthusiasts at all levels – from beginners with a few chickens in the garden, to established breeders working on small-scale commercial production. Practical Poultry magazine covers a vast array of topics, ranging from incubation to housing, feeds to breeds, and shows to husbandry issues.

The content is geared specifically to supporting the novice keeper, but each issue contains plenty to interest the more experienced owner too. It really is an essential read for anyone interested in poultry, whether you own three or 300 birds!

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Saturday 3 August, 2013 at 9:03am

My husband and his brother started keeping chickens about 4 years ago and for my brothers 60th Birthday I wrote a poem for his birthday card my husband said I should sent it into Practical Poultry (his bible) as it may raise a smile

There's more than one shed down at Hagg Bank

Not posh residences if I have to be frank

But our brood of chickens they call them home

Each night they're locked up so they dont roam

Building our sheds was no easy chore

It took us 2 years and left us both sore

It's a dangerous job and not without risk

It put Mick in hospital and I slipped a disk

Without rhyme or reason it has to be said

We hatch more boys than girls in our chicken shed

We keep the pretty one's that lay all the eggs

Mick takes a hatchet to the other ones head

Now this isnt easy by any extreme

And it takes him a fortnight to stop the bad dreams

But we work really hard from morning to night

Cleaning those shed's so full of s***

There's feed to be bought they better than me

Treatments for this and that not to mention the flea's

It's a tricky business these arent pets

and we are certainly not paying for any vers

A chicken farmers life is full of strife

Most of it coming from his wife

I know our eggs are as fresh as a peach

But to make a profit they'd cost £2 each !!

Hope you like it!

Judi Thompson on behalf of Michael and Allan Thompson

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