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Kitchen Garden magazine offers a wide range of features and tips on how to produce the very best in the smallest allotments and plots. It doesn't stop there, as Kitchen Garden also offers a wide range of cooking and baking tips - to produce some delicious dishes from home grown stock.

Details on how build an environment in which fruit and veg will grow the best, how to plant and when to plant, care for your chickens and bees, along with monthly competitions, give-aways and much, much more.

Kitchen Garden magazine is one of the leading monthly magazines for those who love gardening. This magazine helps those who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables. The magazine has many experts to write about gardening and who can give advises and tips for the garden lovers. The magazine comes up with latest news, from the world of kitchen gardening. It also provides with new techniques and the way to deal with occasional pests and diseases. Kitchen Garden magazine carries features regarding the jobs of gardeners to be done in each month.

Dealing with occasional pests and diseases

Kitchen garden magazine guides gardeners to deal with occasional pests and diseases of the crops. There are many pesticides available in the market but the magazine helps you to use the apt one for your plant.

New Techniques

Kitchen Garden magazine gives an opportunity for gardeners to know about new techniques available. The magazine also gives information on new products and varieties of seed. Kitchen Garden magazine may be the first to tell you about all theses information.

Jobs of the month

Kitchen Garden magazine carries a section for gardeners on what to do this month with your plant. This section is very useful for those who are unaware of the crops growth and climate changes. The magazine tells you what to do to get good fruits and vegetables. The magazine also guide you what to plant this month to get good yield next season and much more.


Kitchen Garden magazine comes up with exclusive competition for garden lovers. This magazine offers fabulous prizes. Kitchen Garden magazine also gives an opportunity for gardeners to save money through money-saving offers.

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John L. Basevi

Thursday 17 August, 2023 at 10:53am

I have developed (what I think ) is a new system for growing most vegetables from selecting seeds fit for full germination to full development not using chemicals for protection of seedlings . The end result is 100% or near that figure for seedlings to develop . Which seeds

producing organisation might be interested in the commercial application of a novel system for use by "domestic" gardeners . This system is the result of twelve years of development , (trial and error ) . Regards , John Basevi .

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