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Processing you pig
« on: October 28, 2007, 08:37:25 am »
Hugh does a grand job in ideas for processing your pig!

We have used his curing methods for our bacon, and made the most wonderful gammon using the tried and tested method from Hilarysmum.

With the gammon, it takes about a month for a good size leg to be ready for cooking, and then I love to use a recipe I have had for years from one of the original Dairy Cook Books for party gammon. I will search it out and put it in the recipe section.

We make a lovely meatloaf/faggots from the offal, and brawn from the head and trotters. I have yet to make black pudding but will give it a go in the near future.

We do not smoke our pork. We were going to, since so many people like smoked bacon/gammon. After tasing our pork we came to the conclusion that the taste stands strong an mighty on its own, and for us the natural taste of our pork doesn't need to be masked by the smoking process. For anyone insisting on smoked pork there are other places to buy it from.

It is a pleasure to eat the meat that you have grown and processed and a feeling of great satisfaction that you piggly has been  loved and contented and lived a happy life. With that in mind it is with Hugh's philosophy that we respect what we have and try to waste absolutely nothing of an animal that has give us so much.
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Re: Processing you pig
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2007, 08:24:31 pm »
We're not quite as good at using everything but we do use an awful lot. Dan and his Dad made dozens of pork burgers on Saturday - various flavours, all unlabelled in the freezer, so it's pot luck whether you get sage and onion or paprika and chili! We prefer this to making sausages. I'm just going off to sort the bacon - Dan's gone to watch Chelsae play Leicester.


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Re: Processing you pig
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2008, 05:54:04 pm »
I hate wasting any part of the pork, have no trouble with the heads a local French couple are always delighted with them.  The bits we dont eat get cooked for the dogs, liver everyone wants as its hard to get here.  Kidneys will be mine if ever we get them back.   Its the trotters - have boiled them to beyond for gelatine which was not anywhere near as potent as the leaf kind I buy for centimes in local supermarche, cant stand the thought of them served in a chinese sauce so any ideas please...


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