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Author Topic: Hens for sale, and growers, angus, between Forfar, Brechin and Montrose.  (Read 3493 times)

Steph Hen

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  • Angus Scotland.
I have 3 cross bred laying hens 13 months old, 12 each. Lay white and pale green eggs.

Also some 11 week purebred growers, buff Sussex, Araucana cocks only, cuckoo Marans, cream leg bars, welsommers. 12each.

6 week purebred growers, Wheaton Marans, welsummer,  light Sussex, couple cross breds.

Hope to have day old Rhode Island reds, buff sussex, light sussex by end of the week.

All these birds are off heat, living free range. Small growers are in large pen on grass in the garden. Adults were last wormed in spring.
Please pm, text or phone, O78.467. 1356,.4.

Am I allowed to put my phone number up on the forum? Hope this is alright.


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  • leslie, fife
  • i have chickens, sheep and opinions!!!
phone numbers are fine

Steph Hen

  • Joined Jul 2013
  • Angus Scotland.

Steph Hen

  • Joined Jul 2013
  • Angus Scotland.

Just an update on what's available still to avoid any disappointment.

1 cross bred leghorn, Lays white egg. Hatched last July.

12 weeks, purebred growers, buff Sussex cock, Araucana cock, cuckoo marrans cock.
    Pullets, cream leg bar 2.

7 weeks, purebred growers, Wheaton Marans, welsummer, ccl, plus some cross breds. These came up from a great breeder in Wales, if you want some really new blood into your flock?


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