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Author Topic: Introducing new hens to my flock  (Read 6112 times)

ma hen

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Introducing new hens to my flock
« on: March 12, 2008, 10:00:50 am »
Hi everyone this is my first posting (of many I fear) I have 6 chucks that I bought in November, I have never kept any before but they seem to be doing fine, I get 6 eggs regular as clockwork each day (it still feels magic). Two days ago I bought two more point of lay, I put them in a run seperate from the others but so they could talk to each other through the netting. At bedtime they went in ok together, but in the morning the bullying was horrible, they were pinning them down and pecking them so I seperated them again. Nightime was ok again, but today they are not again particulary one. Would it be a good idea to separate the worst bully and try the seven together, or put the two new separate, the five seperate and the bully on her own. Or of course any other suggestions VERY welcome.
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Re: Introducing new hens to my flock
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2008, 11:36:03 am »
I think I would be inclinced to separate them. We have over 30 chooks here and sever cockerals to keep order.  They all seem to have formed there own groups under their own initiatives and harmony prevails. If one group strays into another there is usually a bit of hussle bustle certainly between the cockerals but it is short lived. The cockerals do seem to keep order so perhaps a cockeral might help you sort the problem, but of course you would then get fertile eggs and broody hens etc. 

I sure others will have more advice for you. Good luck!

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Re: Introducing new hens to my flock
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2008, 11:09:19 pm »
hi ma hen!

we had 4 ex battery girls and then ended up rehoming 3 from our frined, 2 ambers (lovely nature) and an elvis. i say elvis as thats her name but we have no idea on the breed!! black, sleek, fire like feathers on her breast and def built for speed!
we did the same thing, put them in a seperate pen but they woudl peck and jump up and claw each othr through the chicken wire. when we put them in together my girls exhibited behaviour that amzed me. they would pack hunt the new girls...

best advice i can give... go invest in a water pistol. pref' one of the large water soakers. when ours got orrible we gave em a good squirt... in the end they woudl look round to check if you were stod there armed as they did it, and they woudl run the second they clocked it!!!

sounds mean? i dontthink so, its onyl water after all and stopped them in their tracks!! these days we get the odd bicker but on the whole its happy harmony. my theory on it was my greedy girls didnt want to share the food! still with a randy duck in the garden at the moment who has decided that despite everythign ive read he wont be subserviant to them, they have more to worry about than each other! its buster chucking his full body weight on them to get them out of the wa so he can get to the corn in my hand!



ps. sprayting tham all with vinegar is also supposed to work. they dont like it, you do have to water it down, but it makes them all smell the same.
horrid as it is they will sort it out. i alos read that you shoudl say hello to the head chick first when you go outside to see them all.... not sure on that one... ours tend to get greeted by whoever decides theyre going to jump up and donw on your toe begging for food first! good luck!

ma hen

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Re: Introducing new hens to my flock
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2008, 10:01:18 am »
Thanks Katrina

That sounds like a good idea, Ma is still the worst but they will all have a chase if they get the chance. Your point about food is an understandable one, ours are very greedy always looking for food, but i have been giving hem little extra treats. I had read about the vinager treatment and tried it but there wasn't a lot of difference other than the smell!! Anyway ta again, I'm off to find a spray :D


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