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Re: Stock fencing the cost
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2011, 06:02:07 pm »
I did 560 meters of post and rail (3 rails) over the summer to paddock off our 10 acres into more manageable chunks. In terms of cost it was £2300 (470ish rails and 300 ish 6 1/2 posts) plus the hire of a post hole borer. I knocked the posts in by hand - I now have shoulders like garth. Did the hole (bang tish) lot myself in about a week and a half.


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Re: Stock fencing the cost
« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2012, 11:02:53 am »
i do contract fenceing i have seen diy jobs and they dont last even my own diy fenceing when i started was ok for a year then went slack. over the years we have tryed diffrent tools ect and found whats best took a while and we still try new things i dread to think the cost of replaceing our kit if we had too. so if you do diy it learn how to fence first and hire beg borrow the right kit.

as for prices for labour only that includes tools ect for stock fence ie stakes every 2-3 meters stock netting and then 2 barbs on top i charge £2 per meter if the tractor can knock the posts in £3.50 if its where i cant get tractor too and £4+ if i have to carry everything to the job ect
difrent specs have difrent prices so add 25p if a top rail is to be fitted ect
gates varey if the tractor puts round posts in for them then metal are about £40 a gate wooden maybe £60
if posts are dug in the could well be £100 a gate sometimes  if doing long runs and the tractor puts posts in ect and its a metal gate that are quick to hang i will only charge £20 but just depends on how big the job is

so roughly 1000m all tractor accses would be £2000 4 gates again with tractor say £200 ish so if you added  a bit made it £2500 if there is a bit tractor carnt get ect then add probly same again for the posts gates wire ect i tend to leave the buying of these to the client as then they carnt say im marking stuff up or got the wrong type.

i would also rearly quote per whole job if i did i would be puttting a buffer amount in the price as hhad problems before qouteing say £100 for 50 meters then being asked to put a gate in when i do the job or go an extra few meters or fix another bit of fence then i sent the bill for more than the £100 quote and they get funny about it so my whole job quote will always be higher than a per meter one.

also forgot to add takeing any old fence down is usely charged per hour as is cuting back trees ect
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Re: Stock fencing the cost
« Reply #17 on: January 06, 2012, 02:51:36 pm »
Well our DIY fencing is still tight 5 years later......

We used the quad bike to tighten it  :D Put the posts in by hand, using one of those hollow, two-handled post-knockers and dug the strainers, then back-filled the holes with stone and rammed it down hard with the sledge hammer. I've had to adjust gates but that's the only movement, bar one very wet place where I've had to add a 3x4 to the strainer recently.


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Re: Stock fencing the cost
« Reply #18 on: January 08, 2012, 08:31:04 pm »
I am going through the cost of fencing a 5 acre field. Its mainly for horses but there are certain areas where I will put sheep. The majority of it will be mains powered electric fencing but there is some stock fencing to do.
 So my question is what is a reasonable charge for someone to come and do it? I would prefer to buy the fencing so I know whatt I've bought. One chap has quoted £140 to hang a pair of gates. In total theres about 1000 meteres of fencing and 4 gates.

 Shop around for quote and see if it's going to be easier/cheaper to hire a light weight engine driven a post hole borer and do it with you and friends /partner etc.

 My pal payl  managed to save over £ 1200 pounds back in 2003 doing it himself with his wife and a bit of advice from me around the  perimeter of their seven acres small holding .

 He did the same  when we put his 2,000 grape vines in and ran the support wires on 8 foot poles.
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Re: Stock fencing the cost
« Reply #19 on: January 18, 2012, 08:08:46 pm »

I'll just be putting in a short bit of fence because the sawer down the road had a cedar stem he suspected had nails and didn't want to saw so I got the wood real cheap. The first step looks like this, to get the posts and rails out of it. My plan is double posts with rails stacked in between. Cash costs till now, 50€ which will make around 20 stretched meters of the type of fence I am doing.


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