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Re: Happy Gotcha Day, Jilly Bean
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2022, 12:24:15 am »
That's a huge investment of time, love and skill to rehabilitate Jilly, well done! 

We had a little revelation today - I don't know if you remember Sophie our younger rescue dog, an animal with a one track mind, centred around her man and her tennis ball - the squeaky one only!  We had noticed that she used strategies, for example getting the ball she wanted from Mum Mia or JRT pup Brodie by taunting them with a less desirable ball so they tackled her for it, then when they got it from her with just enough difficulty to make it seem real, she could quickly pick up the ball they dropped which was the one she wanted all along. So not totally thick!!  Anyway, Sophie is largely uninterested in sheep but today we were moving the ewes through a couple of fields with Brodie on the lead and Sophie off.  She appeared at first to be just lolloping around getting in the way but then we realised she knew exactly where the sheep needed to be and her lollops were in fact very specifically intended to move the flock where it had to go. No wonder she looked so pleased with herself when the job was done so quickly  8)

We don't have enough work for a collie but it's fascinating to get an insight into how their brains work.  I do expect that in fact she will also be training you Sally, as they do.  Thanks for sharing
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