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Author Topic: Possible lamb pneumonia  (Read 191 times)


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Possible lamb pneumonia
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:15:54 pm »
Hi all,

After feeling like we've constantly been at the vets this lambing with virtually something needing treatment each day since Monday I now have another lamb not quite right.

He was born early hours Monday morning, the last of 3 decent sized triplets. I lambed him and for some reason his mouth was open inside the ewe, very fluidy and didnt do very well after birth, wouldn't get up, wouldn't suckle (managed to get some colostrum in him) and struggling to breath. Left him under the heat lamp and did'n't expect him to survive the rest of the night/early morning. He was alive and feisty in the morning but just couldn't stand up despite trying his best making straw angels. We took him the vets Monday as he just couldn't stand up or walk just constantly splayed so wondered about a deformity / paralysis but a couple of hours before the appointment deteriorated rapidly and we didn't think he'd survive the journey. The vets thought he was worth giving a go, had fluid on lungs, gave antibiotics, some other injections and said to try and feed more volostrum. He was barely with us but by dropping milk one drop at a time from a syringe and stroking his mouth neck we got him to take a small amount.

Gradually he has come around and is feeding fine but now tries to rush his milk. We've been concentrating on teaching his to walk from being very cramped, he can stand and walk a bit unaided.

This morning I noticed he seems to be breathing slightly noisy after feeding so thought he'd inhaled a bit. It seemed to pass, he has been out with us and 2 other cades in the garden to day but this evening seems to be struggling a bit again after feeding. We try to feed him slowly but he sounds like he has slight peumonia.

I've already been to the vets with 3 lambs this afternoon (only have 15!!) with one unfortunately pts. On Sunday the vet mentioned they're limited with delivery and supply of long acting antibiotic so wanted us to use Pen Strep daily on one we had to take to the surgery for lambing.

Anything I can do for him? He's been progressing so well. I've given him a shot of Pen Strep (only thing we have) as I didn't want to leave it until tomorrow when I can call the vets ... again  :-\

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Re: Possible lamb pneumonia
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2020, 10:03:42 pm »
Pen strep isn’t great at getting into the lungs so I’d give the vet a ring tomorrow.


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Re: Possible lamb pneumonia
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2020, 05:11:19 pm »
It sounds like you and I are having a similar time of it with this year’s lambing!

My molly lamb was doing the same sort of thing. He was very underdeveloped when born, second twin, came out backwards. Couldn’t stand. His back legs bent both ways like he was double-jointed. Mum didn’t like him so he went on the bottle.

I could hear his breathing sounded crackly but it wasn’t all the time and found it was mostly after his feed. As he was small I fed him less amount over more feeds, and afterwards, if he made this noise, I’d tap/pat his ribs, like winding a baby I guess, as apparently if they’ve aspirated any milk this clears it from their lungs.

He’s a lot bigger now so on larger and less feeds. When I feed him I make him take a few breaks and digest it, instead of letting him down it all. He is well in himself so am not concerned.

How did you get on?


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